Behavior Modification isn’t a training technique; it’s a life perspective.

We influence the behavior of the people and animals around us intentionally or not.   We can provide you with an increased awareness of how this occurs and teach you a skill set in shaping and managing behavior in your pet.

My background in behavior modification originated in a strictly personal and selfish need.  When I began participating in dog agility in 2001, I did not give much thought to specific training methodologies. I was simply trying to have fun with my dogs and give them something useful to do. As my addiction to the sport evolved, I discovered that a basic understanding of certain behavioral modification principles helped increase our success, made my handling more consistent, and reduced stress on both me and my teammates. 

My training methodologies focus on positive reinforcement and motivational rewards. I also believe that strong foundational training is essential to success. Foundation training builds trust and understanding between teammates (you and your pet) so that any challenges become almost immaterial. I embrace the most advanced, scientifically supported, evidence based training techniques to achieve calm, consistent, balanced behavior in all of my patients.

Due to high demand and limited time, starting in January 2018 we will only see behavioral cases by referral. Cases will be carefully reviewed prior to consultation. Before you will be seen, you will need to fill out our questionnaire as well as submit videos for evaluation. When you make your appointment, staff will forward you the survery as well as share how to submit videos.